buenos días


My heart and mind are under the earth with the precious 5-yr old held captive by an insane 7-yr old man who is anti-anyone-who-tells-me-how-to-live.  My heart is as dark as the soil that covers that bunker. How I wish I could go down there and comfort that little one, hold him and console him. Lord Jesus, You are the ONLY one who can get in there, past this man who thinks he holds power over everyone (and so it seems from above ground). Lord, please show Yourself almighty and powerful to overwhelm and disarm this man (literally and figuratively) and make him give it all up. Please give the negotiators Godly, divine wisdom every second. Jesus, most of all, HUG THAT LITTLE BOY. HOLD HIM, TALK TO HIM, SING TO HIM. SET HIM FREE! I wish I could say I’m praying and leaving it all with the Lord, but I keep checking CNN for any changes. And my heart breaks a little more as the desired outcomes doesn’t show up. Oh please Lord, have mercy, have mercy!

Day 2 of trying out this blogging thing. It seems so cliché to me, frankly, but then again, “they” say journaling can help get things off one’s mind, help unravel stuff, etc. We’ll see.

I hope my two other blog areas (above) are helpful to someone (if anyone reads them at all).

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