To EdD or not to EdD

I have no idea which direction to go. I just know I cannot stay at the ITL forever and ever. Not really even much more than 2 years, AT MOST. That is, unless, I get into the EdD for Curriculum and Instruction and get it paid for by working here. I’m writing this post because I need to get my thoughts out of my head onto something (epaper?). So pros and cons, here we go:

GW’s EdD:

Stable steady work, provide for family, especially because of young children.

LOTS of studying. Read: away from family.

Not a BAD job, all told. I might not be teaching Spanish yet, but I’m not doing completely mindless stuff.

Could get advanced degree paid for.

I know the territory (GW), I know the commute (ick).

Would not have to sell our house, necessarily.

Mason Linguistics:

I really enjoy linguistics things. Just cool!

I don’t know exactly what the courses would entail, so they might end up being not exactly FUN per se. Based on conversation with cousin Kevin.

Would either need to find job at Mason (I won’t ever get paid THIS amount again!) or sell house and study full time.

Job at a school teaching Spanish:

I am uncertain that my personality could handle it, frankly. Scared after Georgetown Prep, like anything.


Fairfax Co doesn’t pay badly.

Would be grading and prepping a lot. Read: time away from family.


Or do I wait until the kids are older and go for adjunct positions? I REALLY would prefer – at this point anyway – to teach university students. I am so much more comfortable with that environment. I think getting an EdD would give me a greater likelihood of getting that sort of position, maybe? But in THIS area? I don’t know. Remains to be seen.

Have I done anything about talking with the Lord over this? Haven’t really chatted with him, prayed, meditated, fasted. Why am I always too busy to do this? It’s like I do it on purpose? What is GOD’S purpose for my life? What does HE want me to do with abilities He’s given? Is there an opportunity I’m not seeing because I’m self-seeking again? Just not sure. 

Whatever I choose, there has to be forward movement toward teaching, I just feel that in my bones. I will NOT be a helpdesk staff member long-term, no way. Not my long-term calling, in my mind. I’ll do it as a means to an end. The end must result in teaching Spanish.

Why do I feel silly about going into an EdD without a whole bunch of teaching experience under my belt? Like all I’ve done is get degrees and never applied them, really. But I have, haven’t I? In SOME way? What can I DO to apply what I’ve learned, especially from UMUC? Should I look into private schools? But again, like with FFX Co, the idea scares me. Is this a “sign” that I should not go this route? I would feel more comfortable tutoring, in person or online, I think. 

I “sense” I’m thinking in favor of the EdD because it’s fairly general in education, it can involve Spanish, it’s PreK through university levels, it would be an advanced degree that I’ve wanted (although THAT should not be the main reason behind this), it could help me secure a position I would really like. Who knows. As I look through the handbook, it’s a lot of work for a person witth a full time job and children. But then again, Rachel O. is doing full time coursework and has her kids, too.

Golly, I don’t know. This has not been solved by blogging. For now, anyway. I think I’m feeling manic. Ugh.

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