lifting it up

Hear my prayers, oh Lord. I’m desperate. Do you hear us down here? Or are our words merely words that we spit out to someone of our own mythical design? I want to believe you’re real. Help my unbelief.

This is a dark night of the soul for Steve, for me, even. I’m hanging on by a thread. I don’t know what is happening (or not) inside my husband’s heart. Is the light out completely? Or are there slightly glowing embers that MIGHT fan into flame, given the right conditions, the right words? Bring it, Lord. Bring light, life, chinks in the armor, the right person, the right words, right tone of voice, right time of day. Anything to bring us back to you so that we have a vibrant marriage and family life. I hate being in this desert. We’re parched and starving and barely stumbling through a day. There are three precious little souls that need more than we can give. Please provide miraculously what we cannot seem to give. Thank you. In the Name Above all others.


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